Easter Open - Holland

  • 25.03 - 28.03.2016
  • Pls. see categories list.
  • Pls. see categories list.
  • Age groups
1 born after 01.01.1997 U19/U18 boys 11 a-side 2 born after 01.01.1999 U17 boys 11 a-side 3 born after 01.01.2000 U16 boys 11 a-side 4 born after 01.01.2001 U15 A boys 11 a-side 5 born after 01.01.2001 U15 B boys 11 a-side 6 born after 01.01.2002 U14 A boys 11 a-side 7 born after 01.01.2002 U14 B boys 11 a-side 8 born after 01.01.2003 U13 A boys 11 a-side 9 born after 01.01.2003 U13 B boys 11 a-side 10 born after 01.01.2004 U12 A boys 11 a-side 11 born after 01.01.2004 U12 B boys 11 a-side 12 born after 01.01.2005 U11 A boys 7 a-side 13 born after 01.01.2005 U11 B boys 7 a-side 14 born after 01.01.2006 U10 A boys 7 a-side 15 born after 01.01.2006 U10 B boys 7 a-side 16 born after 01.01.2007 U9 boys 7 a-side 17 born after 01.01.2009 U7 boys/girls 4 a-side 18 born after 01.01.1999 U17 girls 11 a-side 19 born after 01.01.2001 U15 girls 11 a-side 20 born after 01.01.2003 U13 girls 7 a-side

The Easter open will be played in North-east Brabant and North Limburg. About 16 accommodations will be used over 2 days, and all the games will be played on grass.

Over the years we were hosting teams of the UK, Germany, Mexico, Finland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Australia, USA, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary. Therefore we are looking forward to host again many teams from different countries which guarantees again the success of one of the biggest and most successful international tournaments in Holland, The Easter Open.

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Tournament info


Day 1

Arrival day. In the evening opening ceremony and first classifiying matches.

Day 2

Tournament as per programme.

Day 3

Finals and awards presentation.

Day 4


Additional information


Grass pitches. Teams are requested to bring the appropriate boots to play.
The Easter open will be played at 16 facilities. Because of the amount of teams playing at one facility, there is limited use of the changing rooms. In case you are using a changing room, the organisation is not responsible of any losses or damage of your personal belongings. There will always be two changing rooms available for showering after the games.

Our area

The Easter open will be played in North-east Brabant and North Limburg.
Today North Brabant is one of the biggest and most populated Dutch provinces. With big cities like Eindhoven, Breda, Tilburg, and Den Bosch, with several important industries.
Eindhoven is a big industrial city. Its modern art museum - Van Abbemuseum, has an interesting collection with an interesting portrait by Pablo Picasso "The Green Lady" (1909).
North Brabant is province of varied landscape and many attractions, therefore is often visited by the Dutch themselves.

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